Cashless Pay System

We operate a cashless pay system which allows pupils or parents to pay for school meals in an amount that suits you – weekly, monthly or each term. Pupils pay the cash (notes or coins but not less than 5p coins) into machines located in the Hall to credit their school meal accounts. This must be done in advance of purchasing a meal.

Fingerprint technology allows pupils to top up their accounts anytime and to purchase a meal as long as there is enough credit on their account. The account is only debited for the meals purchased and any credit left on the account will carry forward to the next term or school year.Cash Machines

Parents wishing to pay by cheque can deposit cheques in the secure box in reception.

The cheques will be credited to the pupils account on the same day. Please ensure the cheque is made payable to Aspens Services Ltd  and the pupil’s name and form is written on the reverse of the cheque.

Thumbprint SystemThe bio-metric thumbprint system is a completely secure process of identifying the individual pupil. The thumbprint is scanned and specific points on the print are measured. These measurements are translated into a unique numeric code for the pupil and the thumbprint scan is deleted. No actual thumbprint is stored or recorded in the system. A pin number can be issued as an alternative to the thumbprint scan but is not recommended as numbers can be forgotten or misused if written down.

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