Emergency School Closure

In the event of bad weather or any other emergency where it may be necessary to close the school, please see our procedures for informing parents and staff.


If the decision to close the school is taken out of school hours


The head teacher will post details on the Staffordshire County Council website below.



Emergency School Closures – Staffordshire County Council

Information on closed schools in Staffordshire due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Parents and staff can also sign up for free text alerts about their selected school closures – details on how to register can be found on this page also.


In the event of lots of school closures, local radio stations will also check this website and broadcast the information but will not be informed first as previous procedures. For the most up to date information you are advised to check the website or sign up for the text alerts.


If the school closure is extended this information will also be sent via text alert and the website updated.


The school will also send a text message to all parents and staff to the numbers we have on our records. (Please let us know immediately if you change your mobile or contact number.) The school telephone message will be changed to inform callers that the school is closed as soon as a member of staff is able to access the school. Notices will also be posted on the school gates.



If the decision to close the school is taken during the school day


Often it is the transport companies who inform the school first that they will be collecting the bus pupils early in the event of bad weather. Not all bus companies make this decision at the same time and some bus routes may still run depending on the local weather conditions.


If we are notified that a bus route is collecting pupils early we will contact those parents concerned via text, or as per arrangements agreed on your snow contact reply slip, and ask them to contact the school to confirm that their child can return home early or if there are alternative arrangements that need to be passed onto the child.


We will not let a child go home early unless we have confirmed arrangements in place and we know that there will be someone at home to meet them or alternative arrangements (to stay with a friend or relative) have been made. As you can appreciate this is a busy time for admin staff to confirm and check these arrangements for each child – if you can reply via text message promptly it would be most appreciated as phone lines are often busy.


All local children who do not go home on school transport will remain in school until the end of the school day. In the rare instance that the school is closed during the day for all pupils we will inform parents via the Staffordshire website and school text but a member of staff will remain in school until every child is collected or walks home at the usual time.


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