Anti Bullying Charter

1. We will do all we can to prevent bullying from taking place and will not allow it to happen without doing something about it.

2. Bullying will always be dealt with very seriously.

3. When we report bullying to teachers we will be listened to and helped.

4. Everyone in school has a right to feel comfortable and secure at all times without being afraid of bullies.

5. We will not “put others down”, or do anything which is deliberately hurtful.

6. We will not judge others by their appearance alone.

7. We will accept everyone as an equal regardless of their sex, race, religion, culture or disability.

8. We are a “telling” school – bullying is far too important not to report it.

9. We are all part of a caring and sharing community and all have a part to play in creating and maintaining it.

10. We are not alone and when we act together we can always stamp out this unacceptable behaviour and ensure bullies are dealt with properly and promptly.



If you

 SEE something – SAY something!


If you are being bullied:

  •  Try to stay calm and look as confident as you can
  •  Be firm and clear – look them in the eye and tell them to stop
  •  Get away from the situation as quickly as possible
  •  Tell an adult what has happened straight away
  •  Tell a teacher or another adult in your school
  •  Tell your family
  •  If you are scared to tell an adult by yourself, ask a friend to come with you
  •  Send an e-mail to: saying what has happened
  •  Keep speaking up until someone listens and does something to stop the bullying
  •  Churnet View has peer mediators – they are there to help you
  •  Don’t blame yourself for what has happened
  •  Talk to the Nurse at a “Drop In” session. See Year Notice Boards for times. When you are talking to an adult about bullying, be clear about:
  •  What has happened to you
  •  How often it has happened
  •  Who was involved
  •  Who saw what was happening
  •  Where it happened
  •  What you have done about it already

If you find it difficult to talk to anyone at school or at home, ring ChildLine: Freephone

0800 1111, or write, Freepost 111, London N1 0BR. The phone call or letter is free. It is a confidential helpline.

Useful phone numbers and websites

NSPCC helpline 0800 800 500

Drugs helpline 0800 776 600

Bullying Online

Kidscape 0207 730 3300

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