News - Winter Fest Christmas Fair.

SANTA neWinter Fest 2015 Santa & Chickenseded his wellies when he called in on our Winter Fest.

He and his helpers spent a morning down on the school farm where his temporary grotto was sited in the school’s new outdoor farm cabin. The newly-arrived pet pygmy goats and hens proved almost as popular as Santa himself with the young visitors.

Parents, friends and visitors flocked to the annual Christmas Fair and helped to raise funds tWinter Fest 2015 SF & Groupo support the school farm project which staff hope will bring a new meaning to lessons for our 458 pupils.

New head teacher Steve Fryer said: “We have already planted fruit trees and acquired our own flock of hens. Now we are bringing in sheep and bees and the idea is to bring the farm into the school curriculum.”

“A lot of our pupils come from rural backgrounds and are already animal experts. We have taken groups on visits to other farms in the Winter Fest 2015 Santa & Grouparea and to Leek Cattle Market and we are hoping this exciting project will lend new meaning to lessons and, by tackling things like EU subsidy forms, help pupils realise the importance of a good education as well as giving those who don’t come from a farming background a better idea of where their food comes from.”

Mr Fryer and staff member Shane Knott were on hand in the grotto acting as Santa’s helpers alonWinter Fest 2015 SK & Chickeng with pupils Molly Egerton, Katie Illsley and new Head Girl Maddie Olver.

Donations from parents visiting the grotto with their youngsters will be donated to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.


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